Bridal Falls May 19

Didn't time this day very well; got up to launch very early (1pm) and I figured I'd wait for a bit while some others launched, then the clouds came in from behind launch and shaded everything out.  By the time a sun patch came through and I got off launch, it was in the process of overdeveloping behind the Bridal/Cheam range and raining at Jones lake and the Butterfly.

Scratched around for a bit until finding something substantial, then it was all of a sudden too good and everyone was wanting to land.  So it was a short flight although the rain held off on launch itself, and Tom Clarke was able to do another round with this students later on.  Later in the afternoon it also overdeveloped over in the Norrish Valley.

View of the clouds brewing over the Norrish Valley from the Bridal Falls LZ.

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