Woodside May 2

Alex was off trying his new Gin Explorer at Little Nic, while I was trying out the BGD Cure at Woodside.  I had actually already had a flight on it down in Colombia, but it's now my main glider for the next season or so.

The Cure launches much nicer than the Artik, mostly due to the lightness of the glider and the lack of mass.  Thermalling is quite easy and intuitive and I had no problems segueing from the Artik to the Cure within a few minutes.

It was pretty lame conditions at Woodside but I was able to eventually get high enough at the towers to go over the back to Agassiz Mountain.  Lame there as well, with the occasional boomer up to cloud base, but reports were of roughness at Bear Mountain so I decided to turn back.  Getting back took a few climbs and some patience, but I was able to get back easily via the northern route and an easy top-landing to enjoy the sun on the black carpet and drive a truck back down.
Mark Tulloch getting some airtime as the skies cloud over.

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