Miles in May, May 22

A dramatic difference from yesterday, as yesterday's instability and strong NW winds were replaced by moderate SSE winds and stability.  We opted for the Strome intersection since the ground winds were switching from east to south, and both directions can be used at this intersection due to no trees, fences, power lines, etc.
Yet more large farming equipment.  We like to give these a wide berth!

It was quite overcast and not looking that great, but we could see a blue hole coming from the west.  But when it came overhead it still looked very stable and not promising, although Andrew and I had set declared goals in Smokey Lake (~190 km to the NW).

Nobody made it very far today: Steven landed just south of Strome, Alex just north, and myself a bit further farther north.  Andrew never got away.

Pretty stable-looking skies from my landing north of Strome.
It looks like the weather is going to fall apart tomorrow for a couple of days, and we need to be back in Vancouver by the end of the week, so we'll see about flying tomorrow.

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