Summer Solstice Epicness in Pemberton!

Longest day of the year and perfect paragliding weather for Pemberton.  Light winds (and I mean really light!) and high cloudbase, plus oodles of sun-hours, meant pilots went everywhere!  We had pilots up the Hurley FSR, Ryan River valley, Rutherford valley, to Whistler and back, and over Currie.  Lots of pilots opted to go really deep, km's from any usuable LZ's or roads, and it was all because the winds were so light it didn't really matter!

Sungod and Seven O'Clock  Mountains
It wasn't the smoothest air, but there was so much lift that even the "rough" stuff was plenty to get up in to keep going.  NE when we were above 3000m, SE below that, and down in the valley it was pretty much zero wind.  I had a fantastic time getting up on Currie.  Initially I was wondering if I was making a big mistake by flying to Currie way too early (it was only 2pm or so, we usually try Currie after 5 or 6) and also approaching it from the leeside.  But it worked and I managed to make it up over Currie, at which point I was flying the backside and seeing all sorts of views that we usually can't see from lower down.  I could see into the Caribou to the NE and it looked to be overdeveloping in the BC Interior as I could see lots of anvils 200 km away.

XC Find tracks for Sunday in Pemberton
I didn't have the largest flight but I did enjoy myself.  Alex finally did his triangle that he's been wanting to do for years, and several pilots flew to Whistler and back (which may be a first for PG pilots).  Also Guy and Stefan and Simon flew deep into the Ryan river valley and popped back out close to the Ipsoot Glacier, one of the few times (if ever) that that's been done.

It was an epic day, appropriate for Solstice, and we had lots of happy smiles in the LZ!

XCanada for June 21, 2015.

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