Bridal June 13-14

My new glider showed up this weekend so it was time to take her out to Bridal to get acquainted!
Heading for Cheam peak from the Butterfly.  Mt. Baker in the background.
Got high both days (more so than normal for the FV this time of year), yesterday enough to overfly Cheam peak, and today we were in orbit at 3100 m.  Lots of wind both days: yesterday strong SW down low and light NE up high, and today it was strong outflow all over.
Getting high over Cheam.  Cloudbase varied between 3100 and 3300 m.
Outflow days are the days we get highest in the Fraser Valley; unfortunately on the really high days (like today), it's difficult to actually go XC anywhere since it's usually very windy and sinky once you leave the lift.  So today was a Butterfly->Gloria day for me, with a lot of stopping over Cheam to take photos of the spectacular view to the south.  There was quite the hiking crowd on the peak and it was fun to thermal up beside them before continuing on.
Lady, Baby Munday, Welch, and Foley peaks.  Chilliwack Lake in the right background.
There were a few valley crossings today...Kevin flew Woodside->Bridal and Peter did the reverse.  Apparently over on the Woodside side it was difficult to stay below the airspace limit of 1981 m; over at Bridal we're allowed to 3810 m so it was less of an issue!
Harrison Lake wasn't that windy despite the outflow winds.  It seemed to be more ESE vs. the usual NE.
It was *cold* up there today!

Looking back at Cheam/Lady from over the Fraser River.

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