Camrose May 9

After a beautiful drive through Jasper National Park we arrived in Camrose for a week of flatland towing on the Prairies!  This year we have 2 PG tow teams in addition to the Miles in May HG group.
A cold morning in Valemount!

It took me 4 (!) tows to get away from the tow paddock, by which point it was almost 3pm and probably the strongest part of the day.  When I pinned off my GPS was saying 40 kph of wind and my downwind glides were surpassing 85 kph.

Obligatory pose at Mt. Robson
The going was really quick but unfortunately there was a line of clouds with snow-virga dropping out and not an easy way around it.  I saw a small gap between clouds and threaded my way between but after that it was a solid wall of snow-virga and I was forced to land at the 104 km mark.

Shut down by the snow-virga!
Meanwhile Alex had taken a more southerly route, hit the same schmoo, and landed around the 101 km mark.  Andrew and Peter had more straight easterly tracks and landed just outside Wainright AFB.

The Hang Gliders start their Miles in May tomorrow so they were practicing today with Doug getting 110 km and Ross 140 km, in roughly the same direction as us.  Tomorrow is looking like east wind which is not the best (because it pushes us towards Edmonton airspace), but we'll see if the forecast is wrong, and if not, we'll have some local flights back to Camrose.

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