Woodside April 30

Short flight ;)

Funky snow virga as the cell over Sasquatch OD'd.
I didn't think it would overdevelop as much as it ended up doing, so my flight was a bit shorter than anticipated, although many others had big flights.  After tagging Sasquatch and Harrison Knob (and getting snowed on) I ran away from the shade from the blown-up development in the backcountry, heading to Agassiz and Green Hill where it was still sunny.  But the shade was outracing me and by the time I arrived on Green Hill it was also shady, and in fact the shade was encroaching on the Bridal side as well.  Ended up landing in Agassiz with Martina, with Greg a couple km's away.

Looking back at the shade hitting Woodside.
Many pilots did their first Bear-Ludwig transitions and reports were coming in of big lift over Bridal and big ears and speed bar to get down.  A few pilots even made it back to Woodside after using the clouds leftover from the overdevelopment to recross the Fraser Valley.  Brett was out with his brand-new R12 and appeared to be enjoying it, doing the Bear-Ludwig-Elk-Woodside flight with ease.
Green Hill is sunny but not for long!

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