Camrose AB May 18

The skies started popping with cu's just after 11am so we knew it would be a good day.  But the winds were SE which is not the greatest have to detour a bit to avoid Edmonton airspace which costs time.  But we made the most of it; I got 149.5 km after getting shot down by a blue hole and a lot of wind; Alex landed a couple km's past me.
Heading north towards Redwater

It sounds like Alex and I had quite different flights since we were about 1 hour apart in getting into the air.  When I launched I had some virga to immediately fly through (with the associated sink behind it) so I had to scratch for a long time, and that pretty much set the pattern for the day.  I found the day to be quite slow and not easy and I never got to cloudbase; my highest was 2700m.  Alex on the other hand said he had plenty of lift and got cloudsucked at one point with hail.

In the end we landed about 2km apart from each other despite being 1 hour apart and Brett (the scheduled driver for the day) was right there to pick us up and provide an escape from the incredible mosquito swarms...I figure there must have been a mass-hatching or something just before I landed as I've never seen it that thick!

I think my flight can count as a new Canadian female OD record since the previous record is 135.5 km; we'll just have to make sure the tracklog is accurate and all the paperwork is in order.

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