A bit more of Camrose Alberta

Towing up Will on the Terraway N-S road.
A couple of days ago Brett and Alex had a really sweet flight to the NE.  It was ODing to the south so that was pretty much the only direction to go despite the NW winds, so it was a bit of a crosswind (and thus slow) flight.  I was the retrieve driver for the day so after picking up Will (who had headed SW until the OD, then turned around and landed just north of Forestburg) it was driving north to keep up with the boys as they cruised under a giant cloudstreet at 3000m for the last 40km.  In the end they got 170-180km, which is Alex's second-longest flight, and Brett's new personal best.  But the retrieve was long and we weren't back in camp until 1am ;)

I'm sure the Edmonton pilots are
familiar with this structure :)
We had one awesome-looking day where we could have flown 200+km, but it was a tad too windy (by 5-8km) for safe tows and possible mid-day landings, so we decided to stand down.  But Alex had a late tow at the end of the day when it started to lay down a bit (a demo flight for the local farmers) and got 70km in.

The Rosalind E-W tow road.
Yesterday looked promising with lots of cu's initially but it soon OD'd all over with virga.  I had a low save right over the tow staging area, about 80', right over Brett and Will, as I was circling for my landing, when I got a tiny 0.2m/s up which eventually developed into a solid 2-3m/s to 1600m.  I was sure I was away but the whole area then proceeded to go to 2-3m/s down, and I was shortly on the ground again.  In the end nobody got away and we packed it up for the day.

We've got a few more days here before we head to Dunlap CA for the US Nats, and the Miles in May folks are showing up tomorrow.  Wifi is kinda sporadic which is why I'm not updating this blog every day ;)

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