St. Andre Oct. 6

Pics of the day here.

After yesterday's fantastic flight I felt like a more local flight, so even though the forecast was calling for similar conditions to yesterday (at least initially) I only flew for a couple of hours and stayed within easy retrieve distance of St. Andre.  I did however, go to Pic de Chamatte, which I've seen several times this trip, but never flown to.  The lift was so abundant that once establishing myself on the ridge, I didn't do any turns either going there or coming back and heading to the LZ.

Looking back at Chalvet from Crete des Serres.
It was kinda nice to land so early, before the afternoon wind funkiness manifested in the LZ, and be able to sit in the heat and sun and just chill out and watch other pilots coming in during the afternoon.  A group of visiting pilots decided to do the Dormillouse run and made it back to St. Andre before the approaching high cirrus arrived and shut things down, so there were many happy pilots in the LZ this afternoon.

This is our last flight here as the forecast is for strong wind for the next few days, at least locally, so we are going to start heading north for our Geneva flight out on Wednesday.  We may fly St. Vincent as we head north; it looks like another group is heading there tomorrow as well.  St. Andre is a great place to fly, although I get the impression that wind is a common occurrence here and pilots just deal with it.  It's amazing that this site can still produce 100km flights this late in the season!

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