Woodrat June 14

Tracklog is here.

Another high pressure day; this time no cu's.  It was already west wind up on launch and I was concerned about it getting windy in the valley later on (as it did yesterday) so I only did a short flight.  Found the convergence at Burnt (west down low and north up high) and used it to get high enough to cross to Rabies and then it was an easy transition to the Longswords LZ.  The winds did indeed pick up in the LZ but not as strong as the day before so there was less hoopla as pilots were actually coming in with forward ground speed this time :)

A bunch of pilots went up to mid launch for an evening flight where the north wind finally won out against the prevailing west wind so it was easy soaring on the north ridges leading down into the Hunter LZ.  I opted to skip that flight and drive a vehicle down so we'd all be down in time for dinner at the awesome My Way Cafe.  If you visit Woodrat Mtn, be sure to go here for lunch/dinner!  It is in the same parking lot as the Ruch grocery store and they do very good meals with local ingredients!

I am not staying for the Rat Race as I have other comps to attend this summer; hopefully they will have nice (and not stable like it's been for the past few days) weather and safe tasks.  Good luck to all the Canucks attending!

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