Woodrat June 13

Hiking Stein Butte.  Applegate Valley in the background.
Tracklog is here.

After skipping flying yesterday in favour of a hike up Stein Butte by Applegate Lake, we headed up to launch for a flight before it blew out.  Moderate north winds meant launching on the north side and then it was an easy glide over to Rabies and Mt. Isabella before heading west to Grants Pass.  The winds were picking up as we flew west and I turned back at Humbug Peak, before landing at Longswords LZ.  While it was strong north up high, down in the valley it was SW which meant at some point the air was going to get interesting!  Fortunately Riss radioed us the altitude of the switch and I was prepared for it and landed right in front of the tasting room where shade and wine was waiting.

Blown out for the rest of the afternoon but it was nice to get a flight in before the winds kicked in.

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