Woodside April 18

Went out to Woodside to help Ian out with his new student, Brett. It was stable and scratchy most of the day, which made for perfect student conditions. We were able to get Brett 4 solo flights, before it "turned on" at 4pm and people started staying up.

So Ian took Brett for a tandem and I got to fly solo. My first flight since getting back from the desert, and it was sweet to get a nice 2 hour flight in (even though I didn't go anywhere). The thermals went pretty high given how the day had started...we got to 1200m a few times. At the end of the day, however, it shut off quite suddenly while I was waiting to top-land (Denis was ahead of me, and people were still launching) so I didn't get the chance and ended up in Riverside.

A very mellow day, perfect for students, and nice to get the cobwebs out.

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