Woke to sunny skies and south winds, picking up as the morning went on. A bunch of us decided to go swimming at Cedar Lake for the afternoon, and go flying in the evening when the south winds would diminish.

Up to launch around 7pm and it was still strong south, but dying. Kevin Ault showed up to do a tandem...haven't seen any more Fraser Valley pilots though. I waited until around 6:30pm when it switched west and launched off the NW side.

Basically a repeat of yesterday...nice mellow thermals all over the place, glassing off in the valley, and people flying until 10pm, getting to 3500m. There's a lot of pilots here (and a lot of Americans) for the comp which starts tomorrow. We've got 80 people registered and paid up, so we are full!

Breakfast (included in meet fee) tomorrow morning and pilot meeting afterwards. Then we'll go up and fly! The weather is saying more sun and hot temperatures for the next few days.

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