Golden: Canadian PG Nationals

When we woke up yesterday morning it was pretty strong from the NW and projected to stay strong all day, so we postponed any trip up the mountain until 4pm, when we would reconvene.

At 4pm we reconvened and decided it was still too windy, and the wind wasn't projected to drop until later on (too late to have a task). So we called the day off and let people go and do other things. People went mountain biking, kayaking, took a drive to Banff, and we also had a spirited (both literally and metaphorically) volleyball game at the LZ. And in the evening we had a movie night, where we showed the DVD "Manilla Sky" (about the PG Worlds in Manilla).

Today looks much better...north winds dropping off as the day goes on and turning to south, so it looks like we may do a massive out and return to keep people in the air all day.

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