Hedley October 8

A bit smokey on Hedley lauch!

 On my way back to Vancouver from southern Utah, I stopped at Hedley as the local South OK group was flying there.  It's been years since I flew Hedley and it's still a bit of a scary place to fly if there is wind forecast.  Fortunately even though there was a morning wind, it died shortly after we got up to launch.  However the smokey skies did not dissipate (there was a fire in nearby Keremeos) so not much of a view.

Rob doing some week-whacking while we parawaited.

Spent about 45 minutes below launch height, scratching against the rocks to the west.  A few other pilots held on as well, but turned out to be a bit more stable than we would have liked, ah well good to fly the site again!

The Similkameen River at the Rustic LZ has a pool to cool off in!

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