Mt. St. Benedict March 8, 2021

 The snow is melting fast, and Al actually made it to launch with his truck, but the rest of us hiked up.  Once again the launch was snowy but melting away fast, exposing the black carpet!

It was only 4 of us on launch today and we took our time getting ready since it was blowing over the back for most of the day.  And in the air it was definitely north and east and pouring over the tops of the Miracle Valley was a blue day and the predicted turnaround to inflow never really happened.  

A few cu's started to form around 3pm but they were very scrappy and leaned over the from the NE, although it started to get better for altitude gains (1600m or so).  But the Rasp did not really match up with the actual day.  And for those at Woodside, they had to wait until around 3pm before it stopped blowing over the back and became possible to take off.

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