Mt. Woodside January 23, 2021

 After a fall and winter of no flying, things finally lined up and a bunch of us went out on a forecast that was calling for probable ridge-soaring conditions later in the day.

Up on launch we had lots of pilots, but all socially distancing, and light up-cycles.  The first few people who lobbed off sunk out, but then a few people started maintaining below launch over the cutbacks, so I joined them.

Sunset flight at Woodside.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont

I launched into a nice cycle actually, so I was able to get above launch (!) with Derek, until that thermal fizzled and then it was back to scratching at- or below-launch for the remainder of the flight.  Down in the LZ, we heard that Derek was heading back up, so we joined him and this time the predicted wind had arrived and it was nicely ridge soarable.  In fact it was quite strong in the air, and those back at the North cliffs were reporting 20+ kph of wind.  It was a pleasant surprise to get 2 flights in with the second flight being an easy-to-stay-up flight!

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