Pemberton April 20

First trip to Pemberton for 2019 and it turned into a really nice day; lots of pilots showed up!  The snow in the valley bottom up Pemberton Meadows had just melted as the sun was now high enough in the sky to shine into the valley, but the Pass itself was still fully snowed-in.  Light north winds made the run out to North Creek easy, but it was cold even though we were only getting to 2700m!

The Hurley Pass FSR is still fully snowed-in.

Meanwhile the snow has finally melted in Pemberton Meadows.
Had a nice low save over by the mountain bike parking lot and made it back to launch to top-land and drive Paddy's truck down.  The snow on the road is almost gone, there is just a few patches left which the trucks will make short work of in a week, then we can drive all the way to lower launch!

Mighty Mt. Currie at the end of the day.

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