Bridal Falls May 5

An east-wind day, which usually means later starts at Bridal but higher altitudes.  I was hoping it would be one of those relatively-rare flights where you can get over the Cheam summit, so I wasn't really focused on getting a big distance number.
Harrison Lake plus Agassiz with the inversion.

It was actually much lighter winds than I expected.  Some places it was light N, other places it was light E, and other places it was light S.  The best lift was near the NW shoulder of Cheam where I spent most of the flight.  Was able to get to 2052 m at one point, which is still just shy of the 2104 m summit, agghh!

But it was really fun to play along the snow slopes on the NW side and the crows were having fun too, sliding in the snow and not trying to thermal at all.

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