Woodside Sept 10

A nice mellow day at Woodside with low clouds initially, although we knew it would go up throughout the day.  Lots of people out and cloudsurfing the low clouds.  It never got high enough to make the jump west to Sasquatch Mountain but there were plenty of low clouds across the Fraser River, so a bunch of us ventured west towards Chilliwack and back to Woodside.

Cloudbase started off quite low.
Near the end of my flight I flew over the back to Agassiz Mountain with Peter and it was quite windy and getting more stable, so the return trip was a bit tough and rough in the lee of Woodside.  We ended up landing at the Dike LZ in nice laminar winds.

I believe there was a crew out at Mt. St. Benedict but nobody flew west from there.  Cloudbase stayed too low over at the Bridal side so I don't think anybody would have been there either...we usually stop flying Bridal by mid- to late September as the sun doesn't really get far enough around to make Bridal work in the fall.

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