Woodside April 25

Very active skies in the Fraser Valley today.
A very unstable day with lots of rain cells around.  The Bridal side was actually looking drier (all the cells were on the Woodside side of the valley) but it was also in shade, whereas Woodside was (mostly) in the sun.  All the cells were centred on Sasquatch and were bypassing Woodside for the most part as they moved east.

Raining over the peninsula.
It was quite late however by the time I got up to launch; Martin and Gary had already flown and landed at Harvest as it was raining over the peninsula.  Another cell was forming in the same spot but it was much less menacing than the earlier one so Kevin, Gary, and I launched into nice smooth air.
Rain over Mission.
Despite it being a weekend, Woodside was very quiet and we had the skies pretty much to ourselves except for the eagles who came out to play.

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