Woodside March 29

1600m at the Butterfly heading for the Lakes and Cheam.
Some Q's but no OD and looked like a nice day to try the 80km triangle.  A rather sinky glide across to Sasquatch but getting up on the other side was OK and then it was west to Big Nick.  But the west wind was coming in and cloudbase was still on the low side, so I decided to turn around at Deroche and quit wasting time, and get going on the rest of the triangle :)  Fred continued west and I think went to Benedict in the end.

Back at Woodside and a new crew of pilots was just launching, while those who had turned back at Sasquatch were ahead of me at Bear/Ludwig/etc.  So it was time to boogy over and caught up to Peter at Bear, and found Alex at Elk later on with Alan.  Al had crossed into Laidlaw and was able to get high enough to cross to the Butterfly, bypassing Ludwig altogether.

The day was starting to shut down and we still had the epic Elk-Woodside glide (16km) with airspace to stay under and a river to cross at the end.  Alex found a big of lift on one of the redneck sandbars (they were crawling with RV's and quads on this long weekend) and got back up at Woodside, while I found zip and was forced to land in Riverside after a scratch-fest flying along the highway at the base of Woodside (many car-honks urging me along!).

Al and Peter landed on the sandbars connected to Riverside and walked the rest of the way, so nobody landed on the wrong side of the river and required retrieving, nice!  The 80km triangle is a tough nut to crack, due to all the big crossings involved, low-ish wind needed, and the fact the final crossing of the day is the largest one, with the Fraser River to cross and not land short!  It'll be done on a PG, but it will take a special day!

70km triangle.

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