Mt. St. Benedict May 14

Winching out of the snowbank.
Al and Alex wanted to fly Benedict today but I was thinking it would be a bit too stable for big XC, and I've had plenty in the past few days, so I decided to play shuttle bunny for them.

You can drive to about the 900m mark before you hit serious snow, and after winching out of a snowbank we started to hike to the launch at 1100m.  40 minutes later we showed up at Al's pond, once again showing how much snow is still on launch (see the 2 photos to compare years!).  Cross cycles from the north but the occasional straight-up cycle allowed them to get off and then it was time to drive down and start chasing them.

This is May 14, 2012...
Both SPOT's showed them landing at the water treatment plant in the Norrish Creek drainage behind Big Nic.  Apparently they crossed to Rose Mountain, didn't find anything, then crossed to the cutblocks on the west side of Big Nic but they weren't working either.

...and this is May 19, 2011!
The snow makes for a super launch though!
  Nice hike up and it was super-hot up on launch despite all the snow!

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  1. Nice place for a hike & fly. Have to find someone with a real truck to check it out too!
    But how come Alex looked so much skinnier last year?