Bridal March 25

Lots of trees down on the road.
Opted for Bridal just for a change of pace, even though it would be hiking from about 1/2 way up due to snow.  Rob, Alex, Graeme, and I hiked up in about 3-4' of snow (there is a packed tail however, no snowshoes necessary although gaiters are helpful) in just over 1 hour.  There are *lots* of trees down on the road above where the snow starts, so once the snow melts and it's possible to get vehicles and chainsaws to the downed trees, it'll be time for a significant workparty.

No-wind forward launch time!
Up on launch it was pretty lame and in the end only Alex and Graeme chose to launch while Rob and I hiked back down to save a hiking-up retrieve later on.  Sled rides all 'round.  Sounds like it was similar over at Woodside with extended sledders.  But it was nice to have launch all to ourselve, get some hiking exercise in at the same time, and see the state of the road for when the snow melts and the crowds start showing up.
Another big tree down just below the spur road.

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