Task cancelled in the end

Another grey day in the morning and the wind techs were having a pretty hard time staying up.  After 2 provisional tasks and talk of using elapsed time the day was finally cancelled due to "too-weak" conditions and the rapid loss of sufficient task time.  I think a large part of the decision was because of the perception of luck being too much of a factor today.

Assembly line of Boom X line stretching
But it was still flyable so most pilots chose to free-fly since there would be retrieve from the Piano LZ until 4pm.  As expected, it was initially very light and mellow conditions but most pilots were able to climb up on the Wall.  I saw several pilots head over the back to fly to the lake, while a bunch more stayed local.  I played around over the Piano to test the climb-out-ability of that area in case I ever end up low there during a task.  Yes despite the cloudiness it was definitely thermic and entirely possible to climb out from only (for example) 100m.  Good to know for future reference!

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  1. Just came across your blog Nicole. Great reading it. Have been following the live tracking. I really liked looking at your pics from Tapalpa and San Marcos.I love that place. Been twice was thinking of going again this year but maybe next instead. Glad you are having fun flying down there. Rock on! Cheers Iain (Scottish guy from Seattle!)