Ager Women's Open, September 3

Skies were too stormy and very strong east winds so we canned the day.

So in the end we had 4 valid tasks out of 6, and by Chris' reckoning, we flew a combined total of around 3000km this week.  Many goal virgins, personal bests, and those who it was their first comp, so many happy faces at the prize giving and party this evening.

Overall, 1st was Yayoi on her Ozone M4, Laurie on her Sky EOS, and myself on my Gradient Avax XC3.  I also came 2nd in serial class behind Yayoi.  Garnered some swag including a free parahawking tandem next time I'm in Nepal ;) (fortunately it doesn't expire!).

All the results and photos can be found (eventually) at the Women's Open website.

Well tomorrow a group of us are off to Barcelona for 4 days, and then I'm off to Halifax for some family visiting.  After all the flying and competing I've done over the past 2 weeks I'm a bit flown out, so am quite happy to put the glider away for a bit!

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  1. Hey well done Nicole :-) Yeah bet you're flown out now - it's taken me a week to recover from the week of the PWC!

    Enjoy Barcelona.

    Kirsty x