Woodside June 16-17

Thought it would clear either/both days, but it never really did...Wednesday it was lightly ridge soarable and Alex and I were able to stay up for about 1 hour before we headed out to land and eat.  During this flight we were also able to do some performance tests between my XC3 and his new M4...I have a higher trim speed, but on bar he has me on glide.  We are currently flying at pretty much identical all-up weights (my heavier harness and carrying ballast equals his initial higher body weight) and flying similar pod harnesses, and we did the tests several times right next to each other, so the results are pretty reliable.

The rest of the day was pretty much sled rides since the winds died.  Next day was similar...sled rides and the sun never quite broke through.  I did do a flight on Alex's glider and agreed with him that 81-82kg is too light for the small unless you are used to flying gliders lightly-loaded.

Maybe Pemberton on Tuesday/Wednesday if the weather holds up next week.  It would be nice to get a nice XC up there, maybe the 100 km OR or triangle if we can swing it?

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