Woodside May 29

A windy day, although it didn't start off that way.  But cloudbase was low (1100m), and it got windy enough, that going XC was tough.  Went over the back to Agassiz Mountain and it was more of the same there, so went to Green Hill where there was a bunch of clouds forming between it and Cemetery.  Was able to get to 1000m over the south end of Green Hill, which would normally be enough to cross to the Bridal side, but it was a bit too windy for my liking to do the crossing from that low and with the river at full flood (it's especially wide at that point!).  So punched upwind hoping to get high enough under the cloudstreet to cross a bit more west where the river narrows and there are more LZ's, but no luck and I opted to land at the Agassiz School where Kevin picked me up.

Meanwhile Alex and Al had crossed to Ludwig and reported getting scrubbed off the mountain in south winds, with Alex landing on the parallel road beside the #1 highway, and Al landing in the triangle LZ below Ludwig.  Matt had followed me and landed in Agassiz too.

Over at Brial Martin N. and Ihor were flying and reporting it was OK (earlier in the day).  By the time we reassembled it had picked up in the Bridal LZ and was looking like it would stay windy for the rest of the day, so most people opted to either head home, or wait for the end of the day in the hopes the winds would die down.  So not the best flying day, but there was a window of XC-ability, and the hang gliders at Woodside seemed to be loving it :)

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