Team Canada Jackets!

I received my Team Canada jacket today. Ryan Letchford who works for Arc’teryx was able to get us a smashing deal on some insulated Hercules Hoodies, and Vincene of Muller Windsports paid for the embroidery and lettering, which we had done at Kicking Horse Embroidery in Golden.

The jackets are fuzzy and warm and just right...they'll keep us warm at cloudbase, and also stylin' on the streets of Valle. The guys' jackets look exactly like mine except they're black (and no pink accents!).

Big thanks to Ryan for the jackets, Vincene for the embroidery, and Nigel Protter for the logo design. You guys rock!I


  1. Hi Nicole, glad to see you set up a blog, I will definetly be following it. Good luck & Good Flying in 2009.

    PS. I don't mean to sound critical but what does the logo on the jacket represent?

    Tim R
    Hampton N.B.

  2. Hi Tim,

    We were originally trying for a red maple leaf, but the end result turned out more oak-leaf-like. But most non-botanists probably won't notice the difference too much :) We just wanted something simple and easy to remember.

  3. Ya Great blog, Wish I could fly half as much as you and half as well. Hope you do fine in 09

  4. If you look at the leaf in real life or in a clear photo (and it is a Maple leaf!) you will see that the stem and main vein very clearly represent the arc of a soaring paraglider! Clever huh? Well at least we thought so.