King Eddy

Spent part of yesterday in Mansfield with Martin and Mia, as Mia was trying for the 100 km OR record. Then north to Vernon to test-fly a harness.

Very hot and stable...initially there were a few clouds but they dried up as the afternoon went on. Finally went up Baldy mountain (above King Eddy) for a late afternoon flight.

Glenn had a tandem so I launched first to test the air and see if it was stay-up-able. Very light thermals but not much. Stayed in the one I found to 2000m, and then headed towards Lumby for a little XC.

A couple of thermals later it was getting late, the sun was setting, so glided out towards Lumby and landed near Satellite hill. 21 km open distance. Certainly not Chelan distances, but nice to land in the middle of civilization for once and not be worried about eventually getting picked up.

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