Grouse Mountain

By the time I got my day's chores finished it was too late to drive to the Valley so I opted for Grouse Mountain. Arrived at the gondola at 4pm and met up with Yaro, Todd, Gavin, and Herminio (the First Flight tandem pilots). They launched first with their tandems and I went afterwards.

Nice straight-in cycles and into the air. Smooth all the way out to the rocks and then huge lift, and equally huge sink. I wasn't flying with any instruments but it sure felt strong. Fedja who was flying too said later on he felt the same strong lift.

After about 1 hour I decided I'd had enough and went out to land. Usual landing conditions in the landing zone, with the windsock flipping all over the place and pilots landing every which direction. Bill Nikolai was there too for flight #2. All in all a nice day, albeit a bit rough and strong, but much more convenient than Bridal when leaving the city late in the day!

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