Mount Woodside

Sunny with cu's popping in the FV, although the winds were a bit north. Got a ride up to past lower launch with Jim R., and then via snowmobile with Derek to launch (there's still lots of snow, although word is that the road will be plowed by Monday). Up on launch Kevin was already in the air so I set up and joined him. Initially the best lift was over to the SE side of the mountain, and you had to head over there as soon as you launched or else you found yourself below launch scratching and sinking out.

It was definitely leeside, and when you got to 1000 m it got really rough and strong from the North. In fact the lift was better lower down and away from the mountain. Eventually I headed out to the last ridge before the old HG LZ, where Alex and Kevin were thermalling out, and found the lift there was better than anywhere else on the mountain. So I stayed there for the next bit, exploring the new logging slashes in the area. The winds there were quite strong from the North and pushing north to Harrison Bay was slow going (every thermal was drifting us towards the new subdivision above Bert Duncan's house).

Eventually I drifted back to launch to see the next wave of people arriving and launching...the lift was getting lighter and more spotty so we weren't getting so high. Eventually back to the north ridge above the HG LZ and played around there a bit more, then headed out to Eagle Ranch LZ. Landed in kite-able NW winds after 2h27min flight time. Highest was 1200 m.

Spring is here! But wear your clothes...I used hand-warmers and was glad to have them! And the pod harness definitely keeps the body heat in much more effectively than an open harness :)

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